You Can Now Shop On Instagram, So Here’s Everything You Need To Know

You Can Now Shop On Instagram, So Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Instagram is becoming EVERYTHING

The world of online shopping is ever-evolving, with brands and e-tailers relentlessly on the lookout for the next innovative way to help shoppers, well, shop.

In the UK our passion for online retail therapy is full-blown love affair, with 43 million Brits using ecommerce sites, and 20 per cent of us are doing this on mobile.

So it makes total sense that Instagram, the most aspirational social media app of them all, is starting to enable us to shop direct from posts.

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Until now Instagrammers had to tag their posts with the brand’s account or do a cheeky link in bio, but in a limited test starting now, Instagram has made splashing out on those KG Kurt Geiger Spritz boots (this season's ankle boot obsession) a whole lot easier.

20 US-based retail brands, including Kate Spade and J. Crew, will share posts that are more in-depth, making it easier for Instagrammers to find out more about the products that have caught their eye. Then, with one click, they'll be able to buy said product. 

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This test is only happening in the US at the moment, but this is how it will work once it hits Blighty:

1. The post will have a tap to view icon at the bottom left of the photo. 

2. When tapped a tag will appear on the various products in the post - up to five products and their prices can be shown.

3. Clicking on the Shop Now link from the product details view will take Instagrammers to the brand’s website where you can buy, buy, buy. 

And we didn't think we could get more addicted to Instagram. 

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