How To Wear A Shirt Dress Without Looking Like A Square

How To Wear A Shirt Dress Without Looking Like A Square

Here are 7 ways to style it

Shirt dresses are up there with wrap dresses for potential squareability. Worn the wrong way, say — over some jersey leggings, they are the sartorial equivalent of a bumbag. However, done right they can be a pretty feasible option for this weirdly changeable weather.

Every morning, after the usual multi-snooze and shower, we’re faced with our wardrobes and working out what, judging by the weather on our iPhone, we should wear. While summer dresses feel too childish and scandily clad for work, anything providing more coverage makes us break into a sweat on any form of public transport. That’s why the shirt dress is our new favourite thing.

Here’s how to wear it without looking prim and Prarie-fied…

1. Trouser Club

An easy way to cool up a shirt dress is by wearing it over matching trousers, or not matching as long as they’re wide leg, flowy and preferably not black.

2. Go Traditional

If you want to go for a more feminine look, embrace the shirt dress but keep things cool rather than bookish. Harley Viera-Newton is Insta-inspo for getting this right.

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3. Oversize Me

The simplest way to wear the shirt dress is classically oversized with a pair of ankle boots. Go pointed to lengthen your legs and give the look a bit of an edge, and if you want a heel make sure they’re a sock boot shape.

4. Sheer Finish

It’s almost impossible to look prim in anything sheer or lace, so a shirt shape worn over a body or slip is a fun party option.

5. Over-The-Knee

Obviously over-the-knee boots can be a bit of a NSFW option, but the shirt dress balances them out and makes the whole look pretty temperature flexible.

6. Underwear As Underwear

The celebrity fashion elite are all about visible bras right now — it’s basically all Kendall Jenner wears anymore, and Chrissy Teigen took any Prairie vibes out of her shirt dress with a black lace bra.

7. Belt It

The waist belt is back, it's offish — avoid any potential frump with a cincher.

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