The New Way To Wear A Sheer Skirt

The New Way To Wear A Sheer Skirt

A lesson in layering like an adult

We all know (and are bored of) wearing sheer skirts over an oversized pant — been there, done that, got the unflattering postcard.

Styling the incessant sheer trend, worn by celebrities season in season out, is one of the most tricky. For one obvious reason: it’s basically see-through, so you’re basically naked.

The way to get around it is finding a piece that works underneath and, there’s a whole new styling trick happening.

Pioneered by Jessica Alba, Rita Ora and Diane Kruger, it’s all about layering a sheer skirt over a dress.

It sounds simple but you wouldn’t believe how many people turn to tights or a readymade skirt-under-maxi skirt, if they don’t fancy a pant, and both are equally inadvisable.

Rita’s been wearing it in a kind of 90s music video way, over a fitting slip with trainers and a pair of sass Penny Lane sunglasses.

Diane proves that it can be chic too — yes, really: the sheer skirt can be smart. Her striped shirt dress layered over lace makes for a kind of perennial work wardrobe with a risqué hint of Elie Saab.

Jessica Alba's been out at PFW wearing a similar look to Diane, with a red lace skirt layered over a striped embroidered shirt at the Valentino show.

The best thing about it is you can wear it to pretty much anything — a true AM to PM uniform. Instead of wearing pants, you’re wearing a totally PG shirt or dress - totally legit.

It would work over a Victoriana shirt dress, with neck detailing, as well with a slim knit jumper dress when the weather gets colder.

As with pretty much anything, it’s a potential nightmare shoe scenario — white trainers and courts, we’ve seen, but a heeled sock-style ankle boot or simple slide would work too.

Overkilling the detail is the easiest way to kill the look. Just keep things simple and you're good.

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