What Happened When We Sent Our Shopping Editor To Model School...

What Happened When We Sent Our Shopping Editor To Model School...

London Fashion Week has arrived and obviously we all want to know how to walk like Karlie Kloss and strike a pose like Derek Zoolander. So we sent our Shopping Editor, Josh Newis-Smith, to model school to show you how to walk like a supermodel in 5 easy steps. 1, 2, 3 and MAGNUM…

1. Get that Blue Steel In Check
Concentration is the key. Those easily distracted by something shiny in the distance should stop reading now. For those still with us, pick a spot, think zen, focus and pull your best blue steel. Just don’t open your mouth too wide - you are not catching flies. To Tyra Proud!


2. Relax Those Shoulders And Arms
Relax your shoulders but under no circumstances should you be hunching. Meanwhile, make sure you let your arms fall naturally by your side, so none of this swinging windmill business. The overall aim is to look like you don’t give a poop.

3. The Hips Don’t Lie
To quote Shakira, ‘your hips don’t lie,’ people! The important bit to remember here is to NOT sway your hips. Try and let your hips flow naturally with no extra helpings of sass. So unlike Josh, leave your sass at the door.


4. No Horsey Knees
You aren’t auditioning to be part of the dressage team in the Rio Olympics or Trooping The Colour, so no marching knees. Get a good rhythm going.

5. Walk The Tightrope
Under no circumstances should you cross over your feet. Walk in a very nice straight line, like a pro circus performer.

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It’s Show Time!
Get your best Naomi ON, go forth and slay that runway gurl!

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