Off To A Festival? Here's How To Rain-Proof Your Swag (Just In Case...)

Off To A Festival? Here's How To Rain-Proof Your Swag (Just In Case...)

If it's 100% going to be a wet one. Don't panic...

Weather is always a tricky thing. Actually, festival weather in general can sometimes be a very bad business...

Foreign festivals aside (yes Coachella, we're looking at you), likelihood is that if you decide to stand in a British field (drinking cans) during the months of June/July/August, you're gonna get rained on... and rained on baaaaaaad. And while many festival purists claim that a muddy Glasto is an 'authentic festival experience', standing thigh-deep in a mire of sh** watching the Kaiser Chiefs isn't really my textbook definition of a good time.

Fighting for survival in a sea of crud is just downright exhausting. Plus hello, how am I supposed to look Shangri La uh-mazing when I've got essence of portaloo sprayed up my thighs?!

So, as a seasoned festival pro, here are some of my top tips for keeping dry at a festival...

1. Zip lock bags

Honestly, in preparation for ANY festival, you can't beat raiding the kitchen drawers. Zip lock bags or sandwich bags are like Glastonbury gold, and perfect for keeping your bits and pieces dry. It may take a bit of forethought, but try and individually bag your outfits, underwear and socks before packing them into your rucksack. It sounds like an absolute faff but believe me, when that rain is hammering down, unwrapping clean, dry socks at the end of a soggy jaunt back to the tent is like a small slice of heaven.

2. Wellies

It sounds like a no brainer, but a decent pair of wellies will be the absolute game-changer if you are faced with mile after mile of churned up farmland. Cheap wellingtons are not only uncomfortable, but chances are they'll offer zero protection if the mud is reaching bonkers level. The flowers may look pretty guys, but think about the boot height. Invest in something knee-high and sturdy.

3. Bin liners

Another cheap kitchen hack. Great for lining your rucksack and throwing your crappy wellies/wet clothes into, the humble roll of black bin liners is every festi-girl's go-to when things get REALLY rough. I've wrapped myself head-to-toe in bin liners before to brave a full-on Glasto thunderstorm. It aint ideal, but it sure beats getting soaked.

4. A head torch

Agreed, SUPER nerdy, however one of these babies is an absolute godsend if you have nip out for a 4am pee... in the rain. True, we don't want to necessarily see the contents of the portaloo (vom), but attempting a drunken squat in the pitch black is just inhumane. Plus, with a head torch you'll never be conducting a twenty minute search for the only dry loo roll left in the tent. Happy days.

5. Layers

Take LOTS of layers, and try and plan your oufits ahead. This way if something gets soaked through you can just bag it up and wear fresh clothes the next day. A solid rain mac may make you look like a dick, but you'll be the smug one come sundown and your knickers are still dry.

6. Spandex

Ok, only the brave. But any kind of fabric that acts *kind of* like a second skin will not only dry quickly, but will also keep you warm. Denim jeans are an absolute no-no. Think about how long it takes to dry your jeans in your flat - yeah, now apply that to a muddy field. You do the maths.

7. Hats

Hats are great. Keeping your head/hair dry is like confusing your brain into thinking that you aren't as bloody wet as you are.

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