How to get mileage from your Topshop smock top

How to get mileage from your Topshop smock top
Wendy Hinton

InStyle’s editorial assistant, Lucy Pavia, does Topshop smock smart for the office.

A smock top can often be seen as solely a holiday purchase. Pop it on over a bikini with a wide brim straw hat and glitzy sandals and you’ll sizzle in style.  But how do make that holiday purchase earn its keep when you are back in the drab weather of the UK? 

Dress up your smock – that’s how!  By throwing this Topshop number over a pair of American Apparel leggings and slipping into some on-trend nude heels, Lucy smartens up her smock a treat.  

While still laid back, Lucy adds a fierce edge to her look with a statement necklace from Urban Outfitters, perfect for office chic. 

Lucy cites her friends as her style compass and never goes anywhere without her Alex Monroe hummingbird necklace.  

Whilst rocking the heels in this picture our editorial assistant admits to not always having perfect poise: "I once went for a job interview wearing giant platforms in a bid to look fashion-fierce. Unfortunately, they were re-carpeting the entrance hallway and I tripped over a roll of underlay; I tried to salvage the situation by turning the fall into a sort of commando roll up to the reception desk. I didn’t get the job!"

So no need to let your holiday smock lie redundant in your wardrobe until its airing next year. Make the most of your summer spending and glam up that smock with a hot shoe and a skinny trouser.

Come on girls, rock the smock!

Topshop smock, £35 at


By Frankie Read

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