How to be a savvy sales shopper

How to be a savvy sales shopper

Junior fashion editor Charlie Moore on her sale shopping rules.

I've just got paid and am feeling in need of some bargainous fashion this weekend so thought I'd be good and shop the sales. Generally I have certain rules when it comes to the act of sales shopping so that I don't end up being seduced by the price but never wearing any of it.

Over the years the rules have changed, and have gone through several edits and incarnations as I inevitably go off piste every now and then and make a purse hurting purchase. Here's what works for me:

The Rules

1) Never buy something in the wrong size unless you want to wear it oversized (come on we're never going to give up those 4.30pm choc and tea breaks to go a dress size down)

2) Never buy something you can't wear in the next month (don't fool yourself into thinking your saving money by buying that bikini now because chances are, by next year, you would have fallen out of love with it and found something more fabulous you just have to have)

3) Never go on the first day of sales - it's too stressful, and I'm not competitive enough to have elbow fights with the girl after the last pair of Acne boyfriend jeans.

4) Go online. This is a much more dignified way to do things. I find out when the first day of sales are on and get to it pronto - I'm sure this makes me a real fashion geek but when you get that Balmain jacket for 70% off who's laughing now? A genius way to find out about your beloved item is to go on hover your mouse over the item and you'll have an option to alert you of when it goes into sale - amazing!

5) Don't buy something that you already have unless it's your "signature piece" - for me this revolves around cream ruffled blouses - I've got 10 of them, I wear them all the time but wasn't content until I brought my last one (Alexander McQueen in a sample sale - my ruffle top collection is now complete - there's nowhere to go after McQueen)

6) Stay true to your own look. Buy into your own style and what will fit in with your existing wardrobe.

7) Avoid high trend items unless they suit your own personal style, as these always tend to date very quickly.

Next week - my savvy sale wish list.

By Charlie Moore



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