How The Kooples Could Help Save Your Love Life

How The Kooples Could Help Save Your Love Life

Designed with lovers in mind, The Kooples have launched an app to breathe new life into your relationship.

Don’t you just hate it when you’re trying to get down and dirty via What’s App with your lover but you keep being interrupted by pesky phone calls from BT or nagging texts from your mum? No, us neither. But according to The Kooples it’s a massive dilemma. So much so the French label have gone to the extent to create an app that blocks out other phone activity, which could otherwise disrupt your romantic (or, erm…racy) chatter.

Launching today, The Kooples Blackout app, gives users the opportunity to interact with each other one-on-one via its blackout feature - which prevents user’s devices from receiving texts or calls. Couples can also send each other naughty snaps using the “glitch mode” feature, which will distort the images once they arrive making them appear slightly blurred.

The fun part is once the recipient touches different parts of the screen; the highlighted section of the image comes into focus. Think of it as a dirty version of Hide and Seek. “The idea is to be always connected. While one is away and off-line, you can still be together and live a true moment for two,” Kooples founder Raphael Elicha explains.

We’re not entirely sure why you couldn’t wait until you both got home, popped your phone on silent and had a private conversation in person without the need for an app, but you know, whatever gets you off.  The free application is available to download on the Apple Store now should you wish to give it ago. 

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