This Is How Poppy Delevingne Got Ready For The MoMa Film Benefit

This Is How Poppy Delevingne Got Ready For The MoMa Film Benefit
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A League of Their Own may still be on her Netflix queue, but high on the heels of her Sleepless in Seattle viewing, Poppy Delevingne couldn't have been more excited to honour Tom Hanks at last night's MoMa Film Benefit in New York City.

'He's one of my absolute heroes—he's such a dreamboat, and I'm probably going to be following him around all night trying to meet him like a lunatic,' the star joked with InStyle. 'His roles are so diverse, and whether it's Captain Phillips or Forrest Gump, he's made a lot of great decisions.' The Oscar-winning actor was the honouree for the event's 9th year running, and as she prepped for the big event, Delevingne allowed InStyle to invade her space while each piece of her look came together. The vibe in the hotel room was very zen-like, and as an episode of Friends played in the background, we watched her gorgeous smoky eye and woven updo take shape.

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'I feel like every time we do makeup, we do something a little different because it's so artistic and fun,' she says. 'On top of that, when you have your hair and makeup done to go out to something like this, it's almost like you're playing a character, you know what I mean?' Considering that the graphic shadow was a departure from her trademark bold lip, it's almost as if she was living out a makeover montage in a movie—and for the record, Poppy's favourite is the one from Clueless.

The night was already shaping up to be an exciting one, though regardless of the event, Delevingne always ended big events in the same way. 'I always, always, always order a spaghetti pomodoro when I get back. I'll eat it in my bed, probably with my makeup on,' she says, laughing. 'I'm always happy when I go to bed with a full tummy, and there's nothing like a plate of spaghetti at the end of the night.'

Scroll down to see how her entire look came together.

'I typically use copper tones on my eyes because they bring the blue out,' Delevingne tells us. 'The makeup for tonight is sort of '70s, though, with lots of lashes.' Funny enough, it's the star's favourite era for beauty and fashion in film, and she notes that it inspires her the most. 'It's all about that cool, effortless, Jane Birkin vibe, and I wish my own style was like that,' she adds.

'Tonight, I'm wearing this dress from Chanel's Cruise collection, which debuted in Cuba this year,' Delevingne tells us. 'It isn't very '70s, but I love how it's fun, bright, and playful.'

Delevingne and her hairstylist agreed that wearing her hair back would best show off her gorgeous earrings, and considering that the night centered on film, a cheeky Chanel clutch helped drive the point home. 'It's pretty obvious that tonight is all about the movies, and my little handbag is celebrating as well,' the model says.

'Whenever I put on a bold lip, it makes me feel powerful and definitely gives me a boost in confidence,' Delevingne tells us. 'I have a lipstick in my handbag wherever I go, because you never know when you'll need it or if you're going to run into someone.' Though she typically veers toward the bolder end of the spectrum, the '70s-era smoky eye called for a more neutral option, so the petal pink Chanel Levres Scintillantes gloss in Rose Tendre (£22; came along for the ride.

While her hairstylist continued crafting her half-up hairstyle, a few swipes of Le Volume De Chanel Mascara (£25; topped off the dramatic eye, which she wore with confidence. 'If you have a big smile on your face and you're a happy person, that's beautiful to me,' Delevingne tells us. 'I think all of the little idiosyncrasies you probably don't think are so beautiful are what give you character and make you who you are. At the end of the  day, it all comes through from the inside.'

Just before heading downstairs, Delevingne and her glam squad give details like her hair and accessories a final once-over.

With her hair, makeup and gorgeous Chanel ensemble in place, Delevingne is ready for the benefit. 'The first thing I'm gonna do when I get there is kiss Alexa Chung—I haven't seen her in so long and she is one of my all time favorite humans,' the model tells us, hinting that a #MannequinChallenge just might be executed once the two reunite. 'My friends and I tried it last night at an event with this amazing women's mariachi band. I was drinking from a wine bottle, my friends were on the microphone, and the band of 30 amazing women were there looking sensational in their dresses, but since my friend blinked, I'm going to have to try it again tonight because I'm such a perfectionist.'

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