How Old Do I Look: This New Website Will Tell You...

How Old Do I Look: This New Website Will Tell You...

Microsoft's new tool will tell you how old you look – but do you dare find out?

How old do I look? If anyone ever asks you that, turn and run. It's a question best avoided – especially if you don't know the real age of the person asking.

But there's a new website that's taken the Internet by storm, and it's one that does just that – calculates your age based on a photo.

We have Microsoft to thank for this new development, after they rolled out the microsite (initially to just a few hundred people) to test their new face detection technology.

And let's just say it still needs a bit of work. One of the reasons #HowOldDoILook is trending, is because of the hilarious (if slightly disheartening) results it's throwing up. They can be pretty wide of the mark, to say the least.

To use, it's super simple. Just upload a picture of yourself and it will anaylse your face and gender and throw back your age.

While many are lamenting how we don't need another tool on the Internet to make us feel bad about ourselves (which is true), the site isn't all bad – if it decides to make you look younger.

My Friday afternoon has perked up immeasurably since I discovered my boyfriend and I are, apparently, 26 and 21 in this picture (at the time of taking, he was 31, I was 28).

And I'm pretty sure that Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner will be pleased to know they've had a whopping five years and 19 years shaved off their respective ages.

But it's not all good – Digital Assistant Bex aged 14 years at the click of a button.

It's definitely a bit of a lottery, but if you want to give it a go yourself, then step this way...

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