The Hillary Clinton Instagram You Need To Follow Right This Minute

The Hillary Clinton Instagram You Need To Follow Right This Minute

Why hillarystreetstyle is the account we never knew we needed...

We’ve stumbled upon one of the greatest Instagrams of all time, and one of the most relevant.

As we watch Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump battle it out for the American presidency, and Paris is wrapping up fashion month SS17, this is exactly what we need in our lives... We give you hillarystreetstyle.

Arguably, not the snappiest of names but it is what it is: pictures of the Democratic candidate wearing basically the same clothing as celebrities, street style names, Game Of Thrones characters and historical style icons (e.g. Mick Jagger, Vivienne from Pretty Woman and Jackie Kennedy — all the usuals).

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Here are our favourites…

The Pink Suit

Who knew Hillary Clinton had anything whatsoever in common with Georgia May Jagger? We can think of worse things to unite two people than a penchant for Pepso Bismol tailoring.

The Perfect Shade Of Peppermint

And Mick too, it turns out — the spot on shade of the Rolling Stoner's two-piece.

Sansa Stark Style

Hillary's bossed that GoT look.

Hillary Vs. Hilary

Hilary Banks was our nineties suit-spiration, but now The Fresh Prince Of Belair character's been beaten by Mrs. Clinton.

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