Hermès has done it again. The French fashion house has made auction history for the second time with the sale of a particularly lavish Birkin bag yesterday.

Made from matte Himlayan Nilo crocodile skin, with 18k white gold hardware and 242 diamonds, the bag was never exactly going to be a bargain. But the price the hammer finally came down on – a whopping $185,000 – was unprecedented.

While this makes the crocodile Birkin the second most expensive bag to ever sell at auction, it's still not the priciest one around. Not by a long way. That accolade goes to a red Porosus diamond Birkin that sold for an eye-watering $203,150 at auction in 2011.

The buyer of Tuesday's sale remains anonymous (we don't even think Birkin lover Victoria Beckham would stretch to those kind of price tags), but we hope that whomever's it is enjoys the purchase… and doesn't leave it under the seat at the bar.

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By Olivia Marks