Here’s What To Expect From The All New Versus Versace

Here’s What To Expect From The All New Versus Versace

Versace’s new designer takes the brand from glam to grunge – it’s #versuscalling

When new Versus Versace designer Anthony Vaccarello and Donatella Versace were choosing a location to unveil Vaccarello's debut Versus collection, we didn't think they would settle on a dingy car park in east London. But, perhaps as a sign of things to come from the label, that's exactly where we found ourselves last night, sipping cocktails and perusing clothes.

And while it wasn't the most glamourous of spaces, navigating through the puddles and potholes was worth it for the unveiling of the brand’s new collection – an unexpected and grungy turn from Versus’ new design superstar.



There's still leather, there's still splits that go thigh high and there’s still plenty of signature gold hardware, but Versus girls and guys now wear kilts, mohair jumpers and military coats over their asymmetric mini skirts and tartan trousers. Ditch the stilettos; Vaccarello’s Versus is all about the heavy-duty biker boot. It’s still sexy, but in a totally new (and comfortable) way.



Vaccarello wanted to make the line 'a little bit more wearable. It’s still glamorous in the accessories, but you see the Versace attitude in the details. It’s more cool. It’s about the girl in the street rather than a celebrity on a red carpet'. If there’s one thing he wants to see you in, it’s the kilts – no mention of what we should wear underneath, though. Singer Femme was a fan; 'you have to be a sure-of-yourself kind of guy to wear those, they look amazing'.  



Supporters included Versus alumni Christopher Kane, Elite model and blogger Elizabeth Jane Bishop and Susie Lau, head to toe in the new collection; 'Anthony has been a good friend for years, and even though I’m not naturally the Versace girl I love the attitude, he understands the spirit of what Versus should be'. DJ and blogger Bip Ling, clad in her signature mouse ears, called the new look 'sexy, hot and graphic - everything that Bip Ling loves'. 



Set to live performances from Nothing But Thieves and Zibra, who both performed with Donatella rocking out FROW, of course, Vaccarello is seriously shaking up the Versus look. Best thing is, it’s shoppable right now. Can we get those boots in a size 5 please?


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