VIDEO: Henry Holland Talk Squads Goals And The Power Of Paris Hilton Quotes

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Ahead of showing at London Fashion Week, Henry Holland sat down with our Josh Newis-Smith to discuss his dream front row, who he wants to star in his next campaign (spoiler alert- it’s not Harry Styles) and the slogan tee he lives his life by...

Josh: Now Henry you have a pretty sassy squad. What 3 steps would we need to take to get into the literal House of Holland?

Henry: We have a lot of requests to come to the show but usually I like to have met someone, have a bit of rapport with them and for them to come backstage after the show and say ‘yay that was great’ or ‘that was crap, I don’t want any of it.’ It would bode well if we had a big night out together because that often breaks down a few boundaries. You have to look good and have your own sense of style, look a bit sassy as you say.

Josh: If you could pick 3 people to be in from your dream FROW, who would you pick?

The Queen for sure has to be one of them. But I feel like Will Young saying that because he said he fancied the Queen before he came out. Then Rihanna and Beyonce, I would probably sandwich the Queen in the middle of them and see how that goes.

Josh: You have had some pretty great people in your campaigns, like Charlie XCX, who would you want to have next? Harry Styles doing your underwear perhaps?

Henry: That would be great, but a little awkward perhaps?

Josh: You are well known for the slogan t-shirt, if you had to pick a slogan tee to live your life by what would it be?

Henry: I love this quote from Paris Hilton, because she is really, actually, quite intelligent, ‘when people you don’t know hate you, you know you are doing something right!’

Josh: What is your overriding memory of your first fashion week?

Henry: My overriding memory was how clueless I was. I turned up at the show space a week before with my fabric in a carrier bag and Lulu Kennedy said to me, ‘you do realise the show is in a week?’ Then when we were getting ready backstage it wasn’t until all the girls lined up and saw that their t-shirts were barely covering their knickers that I realised this was a show for autumn/winter…

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