WIN This Halloween Sweater And Learn How To Make It Yourself

WIN This Halloween Sweater And Learn How To Make It Yourself

Halloween is just not Halloween without dressing up, and we're giving you the opportunity to win this super stylish bat sweater made by our resident craft blogger...

If you're not so lucky this time, don't worry; Sew Yeah blogger Christine Leech has come to our rescue with a step-by-step guide for making this chic sweater from the comfort of your own home.

This sweatshirt requires no sewing. You simply iron a special gluey paper called Bondaweb to your chosen fabric. You can use any sort of fabric for the patches but felt, vinyl or neoprene work well.

You will need:


  • One grey marl sweatshirt
  • Iron and ironing board (or towel on a flat surface)
  • Clean tea towel
  • Black and gold vinyl fabric (try your local fabric shop)
  • Bondaweb (Easily available online - try Amazon and make sure you read the manufactures instructions before use
  • Scissors, pencil and thin card


Now it's time to get crafty:


1. Cut out two different-sized bat shapes from thin card – a cereal box would do the job perfectly.

2. Place the gold vinyl face down on a towel or ironing board and put the Bondaweb on top. Iron in place with a cool iron (no steam). Check it has stuck firmly.

3. Draw around the smaller bat shape onto the Bondaweb.

4. Cut out the gold bats.

5. Using the black vinyl and the larger bat shape, repeat steps 2 and 3.

6. Cut out the black bats.

7. Peel the bondaweb backing from all of the bats.

8. Place the sweatshirt on a towel or ironing board. Position a bat on the sweatshirt, Bondaweb side down. Put a clean, damp tea towel on top.

9. With a warm iron (not too hot otherwise you’ll melt the bat!), press firmly over the bat. Check often to see if it has stuck.

10. Arrange the remaining bats on the sweatshirt. Repeat steps 8 and 9 with each bat. If a bat goes over an arm or shoulder, remember to iron it onto the back of the sweatshirt too.

To WIN this sweater, just repost the image on Instagram, tagging us (@instyleuk) with the hashtag #InStyleHalloween. We will pick a winner at random on Monday 26th October and post you your prize to arrive before October 31st! Please note, shipping within UK only.

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