So The Coen Brothers' Latest Film Has Everyone Famous In It Ever

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The kooky director duo's latest movie might just be their most star studded yet…

We're putting it out there, we're committed Coen Brothers fans already. From Hailee Steinfeld's big screen debut in True Grit and George Clooney's country music singing convict in O Brother Where Art Thou?, to Justin Timberlake's folk singing cameo in Inside Llewyn Davis and The Dude's rug style inspo, it's safe to say we're a little obsessed.

So when the new trailer for the Coen's latest movie masterpiece, Hail Caesar, made it's way to our desktops, well, we were pretty excited.

And it's their most star studded yet. Chock full of Hollywood's finest and set in the glitzy city itself in the 1950s (it all gets a bit meta with actors playing actors), it's set to be the brother's most fabulous film yet.

So who's in it? Prepare yourselves, this list is loooooong…

George Clooney aka Baird Whitlock

The star actor of the title film Hail Caesar, A Tale Of Christ's Life, Baird gets kidnapped by a group of communists called The Future who want a ransom for his return.


Scarlett Johansson aka Dee Anna Moran

The glamorous 50s synchronised swimmer/actress/aquatic ballet star that becomes pregnant just as her film is about to go into production and is rumoured to become a spy later in the film.


Channing Tatum aka Burt

A dashing actor come dancer (sound familiar?), Channing dyed his hair blonde for the role. Do we miss his darker locks? Well, when he's dressed as the most dashing sailor ever doing choreographed dancing with a whole bunch of other sailors, frankly, no.


Josh Brolin aka Eddie Mannix

Capital Pictures' head of physical production and the studio fixer, Brolin's job is to keep the studio and its stars, reputations squeaky clean. Not so easy when one gets kidnapped and ransomed…


Tilda Swinton aka Hedda Hopper

A wiley gossip columnist keen to get the scoop on Baird's mysterious disappearance, Tilda essentially annoys the hell out of Brolin for the whole film.


Jonah Hill aka Joseph Silverman

The accountant who holds the $100,000 and the key to Baird's ransom. We're assuming he's not gonna give it up easy.

Ralph Fiennes aka Laurence Lorenz

Director of the film within a film Hail Caesar, A Tale Of Christ's Life, Fiennes has the problem of losing his main man to kidnapping.

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