Gwen Stefani Launches New Affordable Shoe Collection

Gwen Stefani Launches New Affordable Shoe Collection

The singer-turned-fashion designer is certainly keeping busy

Gwen Stefani may be soon expecting her third child, but that hasn't stopped the singer-turned-fashion designer designing a new range of shoes and handbags.

The 44-year-old has partnered with on a range of affordable accessories which promise to be as comfortable as they are cool.

Speaking to WWD about designing the line, called gx by Gwen Stefani, Gwen said: 'The really big challenge is to get a shoe to look sexy and be at a comfortable height, and I think that we did that with the sandals.'

'I am trying to make the perfect shoe that you can wear all day long,' she added.

If anyone's going to be able to strike that difficult balance between fashion and functionality with their designs, we reckon it's Gwen. With two children already, and both singing and fashion careers to juggle (her label L.A.M.B has been going since 2004), Gwen is one lady that doesn;t want to run the risk of her feet rubbing. But nor does she want to look unstylish.

Gwen Stefani pregnant

'I just wanted to make something that looked really good and high quality, but that you could afford. That was a challenge.'

The collection consists of brightly coloured courts, vertiginous ankle boots and strappy sandals, while the bags are predominantly monochrome totes. Prices range from $69.95 (about £42) and $110.95 (about £66).

So where exactly does she find the time to do all this? 'I have no idea,' she admitted.

'The reason why I started L.A.M.B. and all the lines in the first place was because I always had this dream that I could be at my house, and I’d have this studio and my kids would be playing around me,’ said Stefani.

'All that has come true except that all that is happening at one time, and it’s mental, completely mental.'

The gx Gwen Stefani collection is available from Friday 28 February, at

By Olivia Marks

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