Why Gucci Was THE Big Milan Fashion Week Moment

Why Gucci Was THE Big Milan Fashion Week Moment

Alessandro Michele's Gucci has no rules

Tom Hiddleston, Jared Leto and Salma Hayek may have been on the front row, but that's where the similarities stop. Gucci is like no other fashion brand on the planet right now and the show - which featured the men’s and the womens’ collection - was THE big Milan Fashion Week moment. 

It started with the invitation. An album wrapped in a brown paper bag, casually stamped with the Gucci logo. The actual record (yes, we are planning to play it when we get home) inside included a Florence Welch reading of the poet William Blake's 'Songs of Innocence and Experience'.

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The sentiment - romantic and retro - made absolute sense when the collection was dramatically revealed behind the giant swishing purple curtains. From geisha's to geeks, each model was like an exquisite, glittering specimen - utterly unusual and unique - made even more so by the fact that the runway was enclosed in glass.

Some (a kind of geisha geek) carried parasoles, others were hooded, some had mullets, others had amazing 80s flicks.  Geek glasses were everywhere.

Just like designer Alessandro Michele's cast, each look was individual, beautifully precious and utterly unconventional. His kind of fashion has no rules and this is why it's so incredible. 

Words by Charlotte Moore

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