Got A White Trainer Obsession? 2015 Is The Year Of The Superstar

Got A White Trainer Obsession? 2015 Is The Year Of The Superstar

Were you addicted to your Stan Smiths in 2014? Well it’s time to move on: the adidas Superstar is planning world domination...

We didn’t need much persuading when we learnt that there was a new white adidas sneaker in town; there are a LOT of pairs of Stan Smiths in the InStyle office because they go with EVERYTHING (and because Celine’s Phoebe Philo said they were cool and what she says goes).

But when we were invited to an adidas party with Neneh Cherry on Wednesday evening, we jumped at the chance to nab ourselves a pair of box fresh Superstar trainers and get a bit star struck over one of our teenage heroes to boot.

OK, so Superstars aren’t really new. They’ve been in production since 1969 and this particular member of the InStyle team has been wearing them for nearly twenty years. In fact, they’re such a design classic that you can learn all about them in London’s Design Museum. But they’re definitely having somewhat of a renaissance in 2015, and to celebrate the fact that GIRLS love these trainers, the brand has teamed up with Anti-Agency for some cool images that were also styled and photographed exclusively by women.

This is great news, as it means the styles all come in small sizes too, alleviating the frustration a lot of diminutive female trainer lovers (including this one) experience when they find some sneakers they love and then discover that they don’t come smaller than a size 6.

So if you’re looking for this year’s ultimate fashion trainer, it’s got to be the Superstar. They go with everything, from urban sporty chic (as seen here) to pencil skirts and even smart tailoring - there's not much cooler than a girl in a trouser suit and trainers. Interested? You'll find them here from £65. 


In fact, adidas Superstar sneaks are going to be such a big deal in 2015; the brand has only gone and managed to bag the likes of David Beckham and Rita Ora to star in its campaign. Check out the video of David and Rita below to see what all the fuss is about... 

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