Going fashion blog crazy!

Going fashion blog crazy!

Instyle’s Fashion Assistant Lucy Kebbell reveals her unhealthy blogging tendencies and reviews her favourite blogs, to help you begin your own addiction!

These days it can be a jungle out there in the blogosphere.

Blogging has become an amazing, not to mention free, platform for public opinion. Simply name your passion and there is a blog out there for you.

My passion is most definitely fashion. And I read fashion blogs religiously. There aren’t just factual blogs out there, oh no! Many are views into the blogger’s life, style and tastes, each claiming to have more of the latter than any other.
Fatfashionassistant Jeanie Annan is a favourite amongst magazine insiders and fashion PRs. She’s not bothered by the magnitude of her audience though. “I can entertain the random thoughts in my head without being tied to a publication.” Cue hilarious letters to Alexander Wang begging him to give her a bag because she’s broke!

Sarah Edwards blogs like crazy, “I love blogging because it’s a free platform that allows me to publish anything I desire!” Not only does she have her original blog Orfalseglitter, she has also launched a beauty blog, something she is also passionate about.

As an avid blog reader, I have several sites that I make sure I check daily. Sound excessive? My doctor agrees, but so many blogs update their pages daily if not hourly.

It can be impossible to keep up with the influx of information out there in cyberspace. Not only can I find out which designers are moving over the pond to show at London Fashion week, but I have a detailed account of Anna Wintour’s fashion week wardrobe! Below is a heavily edited list of my must-view blogs.


Jak and jil – If you like people watching you’ll love this. Amazing pictures of the style makers at the fashion shows. Totally cool and totally addictive.

Fatfashionassistant – Is just that, and she’s not afraid to shout about it. Refreshingly biased and selfish blogging by the lady who wishes she had it all!

Stylebubble – Susie Lau has risen from obscurity in the last few years to super stardom thanks to her highly informative blog. Not only does she document her widely eclectic day-to-day wardrobe but she gives the low-down on the many undiscovered but hghly talented artists and designers out there.

Fashiontoast – A little taste of California cool from Rumi. Not only does she have a shoe collection to rival my own but clothes she posts are then available to buy at her ebay shop.

Fashionologie - The insiders gossip on all thing fashionable, think Perez Hilton for the fashion world.

Bryan boy – Another small time fashion blogger made good. So good infact Marc Jacobs named a bag after him!

– Featured in Elle magazine, uber stylist Jackie Dixon breaks into the wardrobes of friends and colleagues to show us what the fashion people really wear! Very addictive.

Sartorialist – a blog must-visit and the first of its kind. The now world famous Scott Schuman photographs Joe public in their finest and posting online. I never knew so many people on this planet were quite this stylish!

Garancedore – France's answer to the sartorialist but coupled with beautiful drawings and witty observations,

Fredbutlerstyle – creative and informative blogging from new jewellery and prop designer Fred Butler. She has the coolest friends.

By Lucy Kebbell

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