WHAM! George Michael's Sassiest Styling Tips And Most Iconic Looks

WHAM! George Michael's Sassiest Styling Tips And Most Iconic Looks

Sometimes clothes do make the man...

In the wake of George Michael’s death much has been made of his unquestionable contribution to music and to many charitable causes. But the influence of such a unique icon doesn’t stop there. As the darling of pop music in the 80s and early 90s, George Michael had an undeniable affect on fashion. With these decades being pushed to fashion’s fore again for spring/summer 2017, it’s the perfect time to take a tip from the Father Figure of the double leather combo, the slogan tee and, of course, tropical print…

Keep The Faith In The ‘Mom’ Jean

Slightly high-waisted jeans in a light acid wash were to George what Adidas joggers were to Melanie C - AKA a staple piece of style, that worked just as well on stage as it did for lounging around. To really nail this look recline in a sultry/sexy way with as many shirt buttons undone as possible. So get the manvelage (male cleavage) out, follow George’s mantra, ‘if you have got it flaunt it,’ and pose as if someone is carelessly whispering in your ear. Artfully distressed Levi's are also a must.

I Want Your Sex(y) Suiting

George knew his way around a good suit, whether he looked chic in coral or aloof in head-to-toe black. The recipe is simple, take one boxy suit with a power bitch vibe and soften with a tee.

Keep A Well Maintained Fringe

We mean this in both senses of the word. Your hair should be permanently coiffed (almost to  Princess Diana levels) and, whether your find yourself in the sassiest of suedes or as part of a leather double act, rocking out with your fringed jacket out spells out freedom.

Put The Men Into StateMENt Earring

Why wear two earrings when you can wear one? Louis Vuitton think they pioneered the trend a couple of seasons ago, but think again. 

Take Yourself To That Place…

… where tropical shirts and barely there swimmers are for everyone. The louder the dressing decibels print-wise, the better, as they are ideal for livening up January. Just don’t make it a mocktail. Keep it muted with an oversized denim jacket.

Choose White Head-To -Toe

Make it head-to-toe while you are at it. Oh so fresh! If an Katherine Hamnet oversized tee isn't your thing, you can always tackle the tricky braces and white shirt clothing combo... George even tried this with a completely bare chest on stage. Go on, we dare you.


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