Global shopping day announced!

Global shopping day announced!

It’s official – 10 September has been decreed as the day the world MUST shop…

We simply can't believe nobody has thought of this before - New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg has announced plans for a worldwide shopping initiative.

Yes, dear readers, a day where we can all purchase wildly (i.e. channel Paris Hilton) but for a charitable purpose. And what might that good cause be? Why, helping the retail sector of course, which has been feeling somewhat poorly of late.

So we're deeply excited that Thursday, 10 September has been earmarked as Fashion's Night Out and all over the world - 12 major cities, in fact - people will be throwing budgets to the wind and positively assaulting their credit cards. All in the name of curing the global economic crisis.

Plus there's all manner of celebs and big fashion names attaching their names to this retail bonanza already like Vera Wang, Carolina Herrera, Tommy Hilfiger, Oscar de la Renta, plus zillions more to come.

We've often used the line "I'm helping the economy" when arriving home, slightly shamefaced, after a Saturday shopping bonanza... and finally, our excuse just might ring true!

By Danielle Hine

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