He's a favourite at London Fashion Week, his girlfriend is the star of Game Of Thrones, and he's just launched his collection under the Debenhams EDITION range. We caught up with Giles Deacon to ask him about about his inspiration behind the luxe pieces in his high street range, and find out how a novice can carry off his signature designs with style.
On wearing quirky, playful designs

“I think people definitely have more fun, I know I do! It brings a great sense of occasion; it can give you that boost. Everybody likes to feel that they’re looking great and interesting. I like things to have an impact, other designers go for the total opposite but that’s the thing I like. I think it can tell you a lot about peoples' characters. I like a bit of razz.”
On dressing like a stylish extrovert*

*NB “not a weird extrovert, it’s like great extroverts of our time such as Grace Jones; they look like they’re having a really good time but come across as very nice. I think that’s the key to it.”

  1. “Looking very happy in your outfit and enjoying yourself is key”
  2. “I think there’s no such thing as rules. Get those colours and prints clashed if that’s what you like and you’re comfortable with it. You can also go for monochrome and a print, it depends how flamboyant you’re feeling”
  3. "Wear a good lip and hardly any eye makeup, or a smoky eye. I always like a good red, a deep red, it looks nice”
  4. “Accessorise with bold jewellery, bags or shoes. I love patent heels and boots. Or if you’ve got a lot going on with the rest of your outfit, subtle accessories such as little diamond stud earrings work well. There’s something quite chic about refined jewellery”
  5. “If you’re scared of colour and are going to wear something black, an interesting cut and voluminous piece will give you that drama”

 On designing for girlfriend Gwendoline Christie
"She’s great to design for, she has a very clear idea of what she likes and it’s a lot of fun doing it, it’s great."

On his inspiration behind the Debenham's collection
Inspired by 70s photographers such as Helmut Newton, designers like Jean Muir and actress Jane Birkin for their ability to wear, "really gorgeous, special things, whilst looking slightly laissez-faire", Giles wanted to recreate this look, giving it a contemporary edge.
"We used great embroideries, the print work I’m well known for, beautiful tailoring and wools. It’s very important to have a great product that is really well designed, well thought out and well made.”
“A lot of it was about ‘the girl’; who we would like to see wearing it. Part of the reason that we chose Daisy Lowe as the face of it is because I think she’s got that timeless, glamorousness to her. She seems totally approachable, she enjoys her life and she has a good time.”

On his favourite piece in the collection
“The long horse print dress with the white coat, the tailoring is fantastic.”

On his best red carpet parties
"I went to the Minions red carpet premiere which was really good fun because they had all the real giant minion people. Also, The Muppet Movie film premiere, that was good. I’ve met Kermit before but I’ve not met Miss Piggy. We had to do quite a long interview, that was pretty funny, she’s the biggest diva of anyone we’ve ever dressed, by far."

On his favourite celebrity look
"Cate Blanchett at Cannes - it was an absolute treat and a half to get that! For it to go down as one of the most iconic dresses of that film festival, ever, was just beyond what I imagined. It was one of those pinch yourself moments! The piece just worked so well and she looked extradionary. She knows how to work that red carpet, does Cate."

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