The 19 Stages Of Getting Dressed In The Dark

The 19 Stages Of Getting Dressed In The Dark

Trying to get ready while someone else is still sleeping? We feel your pain…

We’ve all been there, right? Your alarm goes off at 7am, but you're sleeping in a room with someone who doesn’t have to be up until, well, whenever they feel like it.

Now you’re forced to get ready in the dark, and it never goes well... These are the 19 stages of getting dressed in the morning we can all relate to 

1. You creep out of bed with as little duvet-rustling or bed-spring pinging as possible

2. And then try and find your clothes in the dark

3. You look longingly at the curtains, but you know you can’t open them

4. So try and untangle your bra from your tights using the torch on your phone

5. (The phone that hasn’t charged overnight, because there’s only a plug socket on their side of the bed)

6. You tip-toe across the bedroom, desperately trying to avoid the one creaking floorboard

7. ...but inevitably step on it anyway

8. You’re SO careful in the bathroom, but always manage to drop something in the sink and make the most noise ever

9. Dry shampoo? Spray deodorant? Anything from an aerosol is out

10. You’ll have to deal with wet hair, too – nobody likes being woken up by the hairdryer

11. Even the ‘beep’ as you turn your hair straighteners on will annoy them

12. They’ll almost never have a proper mirror

13. So your outfit is a bit of a guessing game

14. You’ll fall over putting your tights on

15. And won’t see the stains on the t-shirt you borrowed from them until it’s too late

16. You have to do your make-up in the dark, too

17. Which you think is fine, you’ve practiced enough to know what goes where…

18. …Until you see yourself in daylight

19. #MorningProblems

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