Get retro with

Get retro with

Shop vintage-wear by decade and location on this treasure trove of a website!

So you want to buy some vintage but you haven't a clue where to start. You want your wardrobe to blend past and present chic as swiftly as you can say Biba; to start describing yourself as 'eclectic' and know that your copycat friend won't be able to find your one-off 40s clutch. You don’t want to look like a thinner version of your Great Aunt Shirley. 

Vintage shopping can be an effort, not to mention a wild goose chase; after you’ve trawled your way through acres of dusty two-year old Topshop you can feel a little cheated. To help you separate the treasure from the tat, visit The site allows you to search for your retro gems by city and by decade. So you can find out where the best flea markets are in Berlin, how to get a vintage manicure in Melbourne or where in London you can source garments that’ll make your wardrobe as desirable as Agyness Deyn's. 

The site is also packed with tips from the 100 vintage queens - hence the name - which range from customising old jackets to turning scarves into cushion covers. We particularly like the credit crunch friendly 'Make and Mend' section providing all the inspiration you need to whip out your sewing kit and save your bank balance. Go online and become a queen yourself, or better still join the Queens new social network to swap tips on frills and Bakelite.

By Lucy Pavia

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