Zosia Mamet for Gap

Zosia Mamet in Gap's new Dress Normal campaign

Gap has long been our go-to store for wardrobe staples. The US retailer is hard to bear for those basic and, let's face it, boring, but nonetheless essential items that make up the backbone of many of our outfits.

Think white and grey T-shirts, fuss-free sweaters, and simple boyfriend-fit shirts: nothing to write home about, apart from the fact that they fit well and the price is right.

But now it seems Gap is embracing its reputation for basics dressing by urging its customers to 'dress normal' in a new campaign starring Mad Men's Elisabeth Moss, Girls' Zosia Mamet and Anjelica Huston.

Elisabeth Moss for Gap

Each star is pictured in a different location – with Elisabeth Moss apparently sticking two fingers up at some birds – wearing classic Gap fare and with the tagline 'Dress Normal' in the corner.

However, despite its connotations as being something unthreatening and safe, there's no denying that the concept of normal is itself provocative. What is normal? And why should we want to conform to it, or achieve it?

“We wanted it absolutely to be a provocation — what does ‘Dress Normal’ mean to each individual? Gap's Global Chief Marketing Officer Seth Farbman said of the campaign.

'I think that certainly when it’s paired with photography and paired with some of the headlines, people will understand that it’s about dressing the way you want to.'

Anjelica Huston for Gap

'There’s certainly a long tradition at Gap that people come first and that the clothes are there to make you feel like your best self, and we’ve been unapologetic about that for years,' Farbman told BuzzFeed. "Dress Normal" is a reinforcement of that idea.'

Will you be dressing normal this autumn? Or has Gap's campaign made you want to try out something new?

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By Olivia Marks