Those Costumes Cost HOW Much?! 8 Friends Fashion Secrets You Never Knew

Those Costumes Cost HOW Much?! 8 Friends Fashion Secrets You Never Knew

Friends fashion influenced an entire generation of style, but did you know THESE style secrets? The show's costume designer spills everything you never knew...

From Chandler’s white suit to those leather trousers (so on trend, minus the talcum powder paste…), there was one woman behind all of your favourite Friends fashion moments.

Meet Debra Maguire, the costume curator responsible for the era-defining style of Rachel Green, Monica Geller and co. Now, she's spilling all the on-set style secrets you never knew to The Telegraph, and we're amazed. If you thought it was easy pulling together bootleg jeans and a checked shirt, think again...

1. Tom Ford is a HUGE fan. Did you know the designer watches Friends every night when he eats dinner?! Debra once got a note from Tom’s partner, Richard Buckley, telling Debra “Tom wanted me to know that the clothes looked better than ever. I like to think he felt that the clothes had stood up to the test of time".

2. Those checked shirts were influenced by Art History. Debra wasn’t originally interested in TV because she couldn’t stand the way people dressed, so after she got into friends, she thought “the best way to begin is to think about the costumes as if they were in a two-dimensional painting. The idea was to create a tableau, to co-ordinate an ensemble look that was unique and visually enticing on a two-dimensional surface, considering color, line, and texture". Intense.

3. She still gets asked where to buy the outfits. Debra says she receives “at least one email a week saying, 'My wife and I are watching Friends and I loved that dress - where can I find it?'" Her response? “That was 20 years ago!”

4. Friends could have been your ultimate retro denim inspo. “At the beginning, Marta Kauffman (the Friends co-creator) wanted the cast to wear jeans a lot, and I was like, 'Absolutely not!' I lived in New York for a long time, and I don’t think I ever wore a pair of jeans".

5. Joey actually wore Armani in his struggling actor phase. On the hunt for a great leather jacket, Debra fell in love with an Armani piece which she knew Joey would never have been able to afford. Debra says “it was a riot. We made it look like a poor man’s choice, but really it wasn’t. And that was the case for a lot of things actually".

6. London gave Friends a lot more than that incredibly awkward marriage to Emily. Remember Rachel’s strapless yellow dress? Yep, came from right here in the UK. "I think I got thousands of emails over the years just about that dress. When I was in London doing Friends, for the episode when Ross gets married, I went to this boutique called Idol (now sadly not there anymore) and bought so much stuff for Phoebe and for Rachel".

7. Surprisingly, nothing got stolen from set. “It's a very common thing for actors to borrow their costumes but you know what? I think they didn't want to. I don’t think they wanted to be seen as their characters".

8. One episode, one outfit each, right? Not quite… Debra had to source 75 entire costumes for each 30 minute episode, which could span 6 to 10 days. "That means at least six outfit changes for the six stars, then three guest stars with three changes, so we had between 50 and 75 changes per episode".

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