Friday afternoon’s hot man

Friday afternoon’s hot man

Baptiste Giabiconi is Karl Lagerfeld’s new male muse (you can spot him in Lily Allen’s Chanel campaign). When you see video footage of him sans shirt, you’ll understand why…

Feast your eyes upon Baptiste Giabiconi, who happens to be the new Chanel totty - check him out in ads with Lily Allen and Jerry Hall. He's so hot he's made us feel rather sweaty. Which is more than this god-forsaken weather has done recently.

So, just what is it that Mr L sees in young Baptiste? Could it be those succulent lips? The big, brown eyes? The fulsome barnet? Or all of the above?

Just wait until you see the video footage we have of beautiful Baptiste showing off his six pack...and what we like to refer to as his, ahem, hairway-to-heaven (although it looks like he's waxed his). Quite frankly, you'll be  forgiven for letting rip with an almighty and unladylike "PHWOAR!"

Alas, not a lot is known about the mysterious, moody looking male model. But we've dug up a few facts for you.

**Unsurprisingly he's modelled a lot for Chanel and Fendi recently (Karl spotted him last year and it wasn't soon before the divine Baptiste replaced his former male muse, the rather delicious Brad Kroenig)

**Karl has had a penchant for shooting our Bap in ladies clothing (ie: in French Vogue wearing nowt but a Chanel tweed jacket, statement necklace and heels; in a Chanel couture dress for Japanese Vogue; and nude but for a pair of black Chanel stilettos in Purple magazine).

**Baptiste was born in France in 1990. Yes, he's only just 19. (But hurrah, he's legal!)

And now, here's what you've all been waiting for. Baptiste being interviewed and showing off his manly charms. Enjoy.


By Danielle Hine


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