WATCH: 5 Steps To French Style With Stacy Martin and Joshington Hosts

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The onion necklace is like, so OVER. Our September cover star, Stacy Martin teaches us how to nail French style...

French style can be a hard thing to pull off if you are… well… not French! So who better to ask than actress and face of Miu Miu, Stacy Martin about how to slay style the French way. The Nymphomaniac actress gives our resident vlogger, Joshington Hosts 5 easy steps to follow and there isn’t a beret or baguette in sight…

STEP ONE: Set Your Bra Free!

‘You know what? Just never wear bras.’ So ladies it’s all about rocking out with you baps out! Maybe wear a top though, especially when in public. Don’t get all Kendal Jenner on us.

STEP TWO: The Style Staples

Wondering what the key components you need in you wardrobe are? ‘A white tshirt, a blazer, skinny jeans- maybe high waisted and a good pair of heeled boots. Which I am not wearing any of but I do.’ Stacy Martin is all about the casual chic, however, ‘I am really lazy so I just wear what is ever clean and available.’ A girl after our own hearts, it would seem!

STEP THREE: The Onion Necklace Is SO Last Season

‘I always like a bit of onion earrings. I just think they are really classy and very edgy. You know vampires will never come near you.’ Who knew French fashion was so multi purpose? Stacy Martin continues, ‘I just think its much cooler than a necklace.’ Maybe don’t try Josh’s suggestion of an onion ring earring, though. They are available from every good local McDonalds if you do fancy fashioning yourself a new cocktail earring, however.

STEP FOUR: The Icon To Follow

‘Always look at what Charlotte Gainsbourg is doing. She really does know- I really feel like she should be sat here giving this lecture.’ Get on that pinterest mood board NOW!

STEP FIVE: Light It Up, Baby

‘Just smoke all the time or just pretend to. I don’t smoke though so I am really failing at being cool and French. But there’s just something really cool about the Parisian girl smoking and drinking wine. You just listen, then smoke, then ash in a really cool way.’ Alternatively you could just sashay around with a chocolate earring… it’s almost just as chic. Sort of.

And of course, say goodbye in the chicest of ways with a double cheek kiss. But join us next week for another edition of Joshington Hosts where Josh Newis-Smith will be joined by country star, Thomas Rhett who will be talking about how to do style the Nashville way.

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