Four boots for the price of one

Four boots for the price of one
Louis Vuitton

We're already drooling over Louis Vuitton's fabulously versatile pre-fall boots.

We know summer has only just begun, but thanks to Louis Vuitton we're already pining after our pre-fall footwear.
How does four-for-the-price-of-one sound? Yeah, that got our attention too, and essentially it's actually what you get with the brand's new Seduction boot line. 

A clever take on credit crunch chic, the luxury leather company favoured by the likes of Madonna and Sienna Miller, has unveiled a design that offers four different styles of boot in one. Available in either lamb leather or smooth suede goat leather, it features zips that allow it to be worn as an ankle, knee-high, thigh-high or folded over style.

Of course there's also all the Louis Vuitton signature touches you'd expect: a golden rivet features the brand's symbol and an official label is included on the lining inside. What's more, there's an oh-so-practical little pocket on the outside too.   

They hit stores in mid-June ranging from £1,400 to £1,650; an average of £375 per style, which if you ask us, really isn't too bad. Now for the most difficult decision - do we go for the 9cm heel or the flats?

By Rachel Arthur

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