Found! The perfect Christmas present

Found! The perfect Christmas present
Anya Hindmarch

Start dropping hints now - then treat yourself to designer bargains galore with a Bicester Village gift card

Thought outlet shopping was a load of dodgy old polo shirts and shoes from the bad fashion archives? Think again!

Just outside Oxford, quietly but assuredly, Bicester Village has been embracing the heady world of everything we want. Luella? Alexander McQueen? Gucci? Anya Hindmarch - we're talking bags down to £149 from £500 we know, we know, it's almost too much to bear!

Even better - for us fussy madams who have everything, but still want, nay, need so much more - what could be a better way to treat us this festive season than with a whole gift card loaded up with wonga just for us?! All you need do, is make sure your sartorially challenged relatives know all about it.

And you know, if you are feeling altruistic, why not return the favour and get them one, too?

By Victoria Moss

Bicester Village gift card, available from November, at

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