Forget The Rules: Discover This Summer’s Big Jewellery Trend

Forget The Rules: Discover This Summer’s Big Jewellery Trend

While it might take a moment for your mum to get used to it, this summer’s big jewellery trend sees us throw out the rulebook and start re-thinking how we style our favourite pieces. Very much a game of mix-and-match, it calls on us to collate our favourite earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings, and try pairings that we might not have before.

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Step one: A trend of plenty, it’s all about letting each jewellery piece add something to another. Rather than highlighting one necklace or ring, see how the dynamic of your look changes when you add more.

Step two:

Anything goes when it comes to wearing what you once might have considered an evening piece in the day, and vice versa. While you might look at Swarovski’s exquisite Swarovski’s Dynamic Ring with its eye-catching Silver Night crystal, and think how perfectly it would set off an evening party look, now consider it one amid many rings, including Swarovski’s Dynamic Ring, during the day. Rather than looking cluttered, the rings bounce energy off of each other, and will bring a lunch date look to life.

Step three:

While mixing metals was once a fashion faux pas – and, to some superstitious people, even thought to be bad luck – it’s now a must-try, and Swarovski has made it easy for you. It’s Delta Necklaces, for example, combine silver, yellow gold and rose gold tones between them and have been designed to fit like a puzzle when worn together.

Try wearing the Delta Pendant (Left) with the Delta Necklace (Right) and revel in the layering of mix-and-match tones, as well as the twinkling rows of clear crystal pavé, of course.

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