Finery London Is The New Brand Everyone’s Talking About. But What Makes It So Amazing?

Finery London Is The New Brand Everyone’s Talking About. But What Makes It So Amazing?

We headed to Finery’s pop-up store in Covent Garden to find out what all the fuss is about

You’re looking at this picture and we bet you’re thinking “yeah, I love this look, but how much does it cost?” Well, we fashion editors do have a habit of telling you we think something’s AH-MAAAAZING and then hitting you with a hefty price tag, so we wouldn’t blame you for thinking this would set you back a small fortune. But in this instance, you’d be wrong: the total cost of this look is £263 – that’s £149 for the  skirt, £15 for the T-shirt and £99 for the shoes. And that’s a real leather skirt! How brilliant is that? Here are some more reasons why we’ll be shopping at Finery. Regularly…

The shoes

The designs are brilliant, from three-tone textured loafers to block colour sporty sandals and stylish heels with cool hollow heels like a horseshoe (making them super light, too!). They are all made from leather, so the quality is great, but they won’t break the bank, ranging from £45 to £119. Click here to see the whole range.

The pop-up shop

You’ll have to hurry to take advantage of this as it’s only there until Monday, but it’s absolutely worth the trip. Think of it as the most incredible Argos you’ll ever visit – and we mean that in a good way! You’re given a card and a pencil to fill in the style numbers and sizes that you want to try, and then they’re whisked from a store room to the changing room for you. This means that there’s only one of everything in the shop itself, keeping it feeling like a really tight edit of clothes. You can then have them delivered to you next day, as if you'd shopped online.

The T-shirts

These beauties are already best-sellers, and we can see why. The fabric is soft but sturdy, and the relaxed fit is really flattering. Love those elbow-length sleeves and the almost-there turtle neck. And they’re just £15! We’ll take one in every colour please.


The leather

There’s a whole load of top notch leather – of course, it’s the most expensive stuff you’ll find at Finery (which is a good thing; you should worry about REALLY cheap leather) but it’s still an affordable treat. We particularly love the modern shapes of the leather jackets.

The prints

Those of us who love a bit of colour find it hard to find cool, bright prints on the high street; for some reason designer brands seem to do it so much better. But how’s this for a high-end design? It’s so nice we’d rather like to have some curtains made in that fabric, too.

Finery's pop-up shop is at 30 Monmouth Street, London until Monday February 23rd or you can shop online at

VIDEO: How to wear our 5 favourite pieces from Finery London...

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