Find a fashion shop online

Find a fashion shop online
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Feel like a fashion fix but have no idea where to start? could be for you!

Know you want those jeans, that necklace and, ooh, this jacket to channel your latest Cheryl Cole look perfectly…but just don’t know where to find them? Doing exactly what it says on the tin, is a handy little hub with everything a budding fashionista could desire, and you don’t even need to ruin the Manolos to get there!

Searching by location, brand or boutique, this site lists independent, online and well-known stores, offering everything from lingerie to jewellery to carefully selected clothing for men, women and children to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for – and probably in a place you never even knew existed.

The site is constantly updated with notifications of special offers, sales, stockists and its selection is so wide that prices will suit any and every budget – just think of the possibilities! For each store, there’s a contact number and address, including websites, to allow you to plan your purchases with panache.

But this isn’t just a glorified search engine; is an innovative resource in its own right – its news section, blog, editor’s choice, ‘Lust list’ and Boutique of the Week features are dangerously close to giving a run for our money!

Showcasing recent gems, it makes sure you never miss out on the latest news, be it a new collection’s launch, the final offers of a sale, or an easily missed but exquisite piece of must-have jewellery.

Browse around to your heart’s content, safe in the knowledge that whether you want to discover the season’s latest looks, brush up your designer knowledge, plan a shopping spree or locate that exquisitely elusive piece from the frontier of fashion, is your one-stop style shop.   

By Hannah Thompson

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