Packing for a festival can be a royal nightmare.

Changeable weather, cruddy fields and living in a tent for four days are just a few of the factors one has to consider when drawing up a festival checklist, plus there's the added pressure of having to cart all your gear (in a backpack) to your chosen musical destination once you've actually gotten your shiz together. It isn't an easy task.

However, like everything in life, if you approach your festival packing logically then it really won't be a massive pain in the arse. Take it from someone who's been to a LOAD of festivals, as long as you have these key items you're golden, despite what Mother Nature decides to throw at you (she's a joker that one)...


A trip to Millets will see you right...

- Tent - invest in something decent, preferably with a double-skin interior. A tent with a porch option is also great because it gives you space to stash those muddy wellies.

- Airbed - it may seem like extra weight, but believe me, an airbed is ESSENTIAL.

- Sleeping bag - again, try and get something good. Don't forget, it's only a thin sheet of nylon separating you from the elements. You need to be warm.

- Pump - for the airbed.

- Torch - a head torch is pretty handy for rooting around a darkened tent.

- Plastic bags - zip-lock bags and/or a roll of bin liners to waterproof gear.

- Plastic bottles - to refill with water/vodka (cheeky).

- Travel towel

- Toilet paper - I always buy the multi packs of travel tissues. Handy for popping into your bag or pocket.

- Eye sleep mask

- Ear plugs

- A cheap pay-as-you-go phone (optional... your iPhone WILL die, and queuing to charge it is a bloody nightmare).

- Portable charger

- Muesli bars - I've never taken loads of food to a festival. It stinks up your tent, and you only end up eating food at the festival anyway so you aren't saving money. A couple boxes of breakfast biscuits and a few bags of nuts are perfect for tent snackage.



Don't overload yourself with loads of make-up and cosmetics. A small bag of multi-purpose products will be more than enough.

- Suncream (let's be optimistic)

- Deodorant

- Dry shampoo

- A travel sized all-in-one shower/hair wash

- Hand sanitiser - buy a couple to disperse between your tent/bumbag. It's SO important to keep those hands clean post-portaloo.

- Wipes - try and buy quality wipes, preferably for sensitive skin. These babies will be the backbone of your festival beauty routine so it's important you use something gentle.

- Toothbush/toothpaste

- Tampons/Mooncup - (don't get caught short, remember how LOL Mother Nature can be)

- Make-up - DON'T take your good cosmetics. If it's hot they'll melt in the tent, if it's muddy there's the risk of droppage. Opt for multi-purpose products such as bronzing/highlighter sticks and crayons that won't smash all over the gaff.

- Painkillers

- Tweesers

- Berocca (life-savers)

- Effervescent Milk Thistle tablets - great when you've over indulged.

- Plasters (...JIC)

- Contraceptives

- Travel mirror

- Razor

- Diocalm

- Dioralyte

- Lip balm

- Chewing gum/mints

- Cotton buds

- Hair bands/grips

- A reflective foil blanket (drape over your tent to reflect light away)



Plan four outfits. Don't bring too much. YOU WON'T WEAR IT

- Wellies - invest in a decent pair that reach your knee.

- Rain coat - those cheap disposable ponchos are ok, but a rubber mac will be a better purchase in the long run.

- Warm, loose clothes to sleep in.

- Leggings/tights - to be rolled up and stashed in your day bag. If it gets unexpectedly cold you can slip them on instead of high-tailing it back to the tent to change.

- Flip flops - just to wear in the tent and around the campsite.

- A hoodie - tie it around your waist if things get too toasty.

- Beanie hat - it can get very chilly at night.

- LOTS of clean underwear (pack into your shoes to save space)

- LOTS of clean socks

- Try to avoid denim as it takes so long to dry if you get rained on. Tight leggings or disco pants are a good option.

- A denim/plaid overshirt - for layering.

- A scarf or snood

- Bumbag/small rucksack to use during the day.

- Sunglasses - think fun and cheap. Don't do what I did and take Stella McCartney sunnies to Glasto (yes, they got lost).

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