Dress Like Your Favourite Festival Icon With These Key Pieces

Dress Like Your Favourite Festival Icon With These Key Pieces

Fancy bagging Mossy's signature festival style? Alexa's 'I'm with the band' swagger? Look no further...

Festival season is nearly upon us, and you know what that means....

Festival fashion and nailing your signature festi-look is part-and-parcel of the whole raving in a field experience, and we freely admit that we waste a LOT of time dreaming up our favourite festival style ensembles.

It's hardly surprising then that we look to our festival style icons for inspiration.

Backstage heroes like Kate Moss and Alexa Chung are guaranteed to always bring their annual 'I'm with the band' style game, whereas female performers like Natasha Khan and Florence Welch are bona fide festival icons.

We've run down some of our very favourite festival fash' game changers, and brands you can shop in order to steal their signature style.

Meet you at the main stage...

Kate Moss

Bow down people. Mossy is the undisputed queen of festival style. Whether she's hangin with the rocksters backstage or larging it at Glastonbury, Kate Moss has never put a foot wrong when it comes to coining iconic looks. Hunter wellies? Yeah, that was Kate. Denim cut-offs? Uh-huh, Kate again. It doesn't matter what she throws on, Kate Moss just always looks like the ultimate rock chick. To bag yourself some of this classic Moss style, we suggest going for either a toughened ankle biker boot (the Hunters only get brought out when the mud is especially icky) or a statement sequin jacket  — like this Topshop bomber (£70) — to nonchanlantly throw on over your band tee (obvs).

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Lana Del Rey

A recent addition to the festival icons circuit, self-proclaimed 'gangster Nancy Sinatra' songstress Lana Del Rey has style in spades. While she's normally known for pastel prom dresses and painted talons, the Video Games singer also rocks that whole 'my boyfriend is a musician' thing, and the fact she isn't afraid to show the world that underneath the glamour she's a bit of fangirl just endears her to us even more. Show some Lana love and layer this H&M tank (£12.99) underneath a camo shirt for instant mainstage sass.

Florence Welch

Our Flo' has coined the perfect festival fashion mix, fusing fab stage drama with Stevie Nicks-esque whimsy. To get yourself into the Florence mindset think floral and floaty, with plenty of frills and flounce. This Zara Maxi Dress (£39.99) is the perfect addition to any budding Flo' wardrobe. Toughen the look up with bomber boots and plenty of jewels. Don't forget a ruby red lip and a mate to hold up all that fabric while you pee.

Alexa Chung

Alexa is pure backstage festi-gold. She could be rocking a poncho, an oversized sweat or a complete dandy ensemble, but always manages to look so hip that we actually get annoyed with her. Come on, is it possible for this girl to look like she's been sat in the dance tent all night eating crisps and talking nonsense to some bloke dressed as a Smurf? Not on your nelly. Alexa's posh-totty look can be recreated using any of the pieces from her recent M&S line. We're especially fond of this Victoriana-inspired 'Harry' blouse - a snip at only £35. Wear with jodhpur jeans and long boots to channel your inner Chung.

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Jehnny Beth

The Savages singer has become something of a under-the-radar style icon in certain band circles, working that masculine tailored glamour to the absolute maximum. Jehnny's look is a great one for festival as she wears key wardrobe workhorses like crisp white shirts, and smart chelsea boots - all pieces that can be worn again, and again. Make Jehnny's penchant for a classic black skinny jean the backbone of your festival ensemble. These babies from Topshop (£38) will see you through the entire season and beyond. Just don't forget to bring some riot girl attitude.


Natasha Khan

Oh Natasha. Oh how we love your style. One thing that the gorgeous Bat For Lashes frontwoman has oodles of is complete brazen fashion confidence. Elaborate head pieces, capes, kaftans - you name it, Natasha has rocked it. If you are feeling like you want a slice of Natasha's look, why not go all out and invest in a statement catsuit. Beloved Bristol-based label Burnt Soul are THE go-to guys for all things onesie, and this brand new Silver Jewel Peekaboo Catsuit (£115) is a 100% guaranteed festival game-changer. There's absolutely no need to take it off all weekend plus, impromptu crowd lunges will make you the hero of the hour. Uh, human glitter ball? Yes please.







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