Festival Essentials: InStyle's Amy Bannerman On 10 Things She Couldn't Live Without

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What do you wear to a festival? It's the million dollar question. Watch our Fashion Editor's video guide to festival dressing...

So festival season is officially upon us. Whether you are heading to the Isle of Wight, Wireless, Latitude or to the muddy fields of Glastonbury, it is always hard to hit the right style note, and also be sure you won't be freezing cold, soaked through or boiling hot in the process. Try not to follow the crowds and dress in the stereotypical festival uniform. Steer clear of floral headbands and choose your favourite things in your wardrobe.

InStyle's Fashion Editor, Amy Bannerman, shares her 10 festival essentials…


1.The floral dress

This flippy Topshop version, £90, is so great because the neckline isn't low, making it instantly more chic. Wear with a denim jacket like in the video above, or a khaki army jacket (see number 8).

2.The cashmere sweater

This is actually a survival tool at a festival, a cosy option once the sun goes down and it doubles up as a pillow, too. This delicious one is £190 by J.Crew from Net-a-Porter

3.The hangover cure

What would the world do without salt and vinegar crisps? I suggest stashing a few of these in your case and telling no one. Treat them like gold dust or everyone will eat them before you need them. Available from all supermarkets and corner shops.

4.The sleep mask

Call me a princess but a sleep mask is essential if you're going to sleep at 5am and need a bit of a lie in. This amazing starry eyed one is from Morgan Lane  £90 - very rock n' roll.

5. The sunglasses

This one is a given! We all pray for sunny festival days, but even if it is overcast, you will be very glad you have these in your pocket when you feel a bit delicate . These bad boys are my favourite cat eye glasses, Miu Miu sunglasses, £255 from My Theresa

6.The denim cut offs

Denim shorts are an essential festival piece, because they go with everything (even wellies), you can get them muddy and as soon as you put them on you'll just look cool. These are £150 by my very favourite new brand Re/Done - who remake vintage Levi's (and offically give you the best bum in the world).

7.The Bandana

The coolest accessory of the summer. Tie nonchalantly around your neck to instantly update everything. Wear with a plain T shirt or a denim shirt, for true western styling. This one comes in a variety of colours, and I would recommend buying them all. Bandana, £4.50 Claire's

8. The army jacket

The most practical festival jacket. Multi pockets, so no need for a bag. My favourite ones are £48 from Urban Outfitters Renewal they always have a huge selection.

9. The lip gloss

This is a daily essential for me. And at a festival when if you haven't had much sleep, a shiny lip will ensure you look a bit more glam. Lèvres Scintillantes in Rose Tendre £22 from Chanel

10. The Camera

A festival is the time to capture your moments properly so this is one accessory you can't be without. This Olympus Pen E-PL7  is the bloggers camera of choice, it has a flip down selfie screen and wifi, so you can send your images to your phone and upload to social media within a minute! You can also make videos on it so you can document your festival antics like a pro!  £399 at John Lewis 

Got your festival wardrobe sorted? Now find a fabulous festival hairstyle...

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