Fashionable Touchscreen Gloves Are Actually A Thing

Fashionable Touchscreen Gloves Are Actually A Thing

Touchscreen gloves have now earned themselves some serious fashion cred...

'Wearable tech' has to be one of the biggest buzz words of 2014, and is expected to be one of the most prolific presents we'll receive in our stockings this Christmas. But, aside from the smart watches and USB-toting necklaces, we're setting our sights on wearable tech a tad lower. For now.

We know we're not the only ones checking our Instagram for the best new outfits styled up by our favourite bloggers or touching base with Twitter to peak at the latest rant that young 20-something has just outpoured to her ready and waiting following. However, when the temperatures hit below zero (or an unthinkable 7 degrees!) and we should feel the need to make a call or god forbid WRITE A TEXT whilst outdoors, we're at constant risk of looking like a one-gloved Michael Jackson impersonator.

Yep; as far as technology has come, we're still resulted to removing the glove shielding our dominant hand from the elements. Ok, so we're slightly exaggerating but no-one can deny that it's a major pain...

Well, it was.

We've scoured the fashion world to find the chicest and sweetest touchscreen gloves around and, rather surprisingly, it was a tad harder than expected; so much so, that smartphone friendly gloves may just be the hardest wearable tech to come by this season...

Below we've whittled down the hottest styles that, for the sake of being dramatic once again, ARE GOING TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Or stop your fingers from getting cold. Either or, really.

So, gals; go forth and Tweet until your  hearts content, minus the terror of frost-bite...

By Maxine Eggenberger

Grey And Burgundy Bow Wool Gloves, £8 ASOS

Leopard Print Leather Gloves, £190 Diane Von Furstenberg

Heart And Stripe Wool Gloves, £15, John Lewis

Black Leather Zip Detail Gloves, £18, ASOS


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