FASHION TREND: Personalised Jewellery

FASHION TREND: Personalised Jewellery

As Kate Middleton single-handedly revives the trend for initial bracelets, we fall in love with jewels that speak in whole sentences...

From Sarah Jessica Parker's 'Carrie' necklace in Sex and The City, to Kate Middleton's 'C' initial bracelet, personalised jewellery has been capturing our attention for a good few years. So when we came across these cute sentence necklaces from Wear That There, we just had to share.

Clare O'Driscoll started her jewellery line a year ago, after her home-made necklace sporting a "you must be my lucky star" quip etched on it, had all her friends clamoring for one of their own.


Available as either a single or a double tag necklace, with a variety of adages and sayings, the necklaces are an updated version of the popular army dog tags, with a slimmer, more elegant plate. Our favourite is the double dog tag which reads "we are all in the gutter" on one and "but some of us are looking at the stars" on the other.


Single tag necklace £68, double tag £88 at

For more personalised gems check out Jennifer Fisher's custom made jewellery, which has a huge Hollywood fanbase - it's featured in SATC The Movie, Ugly Betty and Gossip Girl. Rumour has it various celebrity parents have commissioned pieces for their kids, so keep your eyes peeled...

By Pandora Sykes

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