How To Succeed As A Fashion Intern (By A Woman Who Knows)

How To Succeed As A Fashion Intern (By A Woman Who Knows)

Don't wear heels, don't wait to be asked and keep the CV slick, Fashion East founder Lulu Kennedy gave us her best advice

The driving force behind some of the UK's hottest designers - from Henry Holland to JW Anderson - Lulu Kennedy is the woman who made British fashion cool again. Want to get ahead in her world? Here are her tips on how to succeed as a fashion intern.

Fashion East founder Lulu Kennedy

1) Make the most of basic work 

‘Be prepared to start at the bottom. I started off my career making tea, answering the phone and running errands. The great thing about that is you get to listen in, absorb everything and figure out what skills are required.’ 

2) Don't be sloppy

‘My interns are chosen eighty per cent from their CVs, and twenty per cent from how they come across in the interview, so it’s definitely worth asking someone to look over your CV and covering letter before sending. I get CVs from kids wanting to get into PR or journalism who haven’t even bothered to use Spell Check or punctuate properly. Automatic fail!’

3) Don’t turn up in heels

‘Unless you can walk long distances and drag suitcases of clothing in them! All my employees started out as interns. Two have gone on to be a very successful casting director and stylist.’

Lulu Kennedy out and about at London Fashion Week

4) You might be passionate about fashion, but... 

‘The fashion world is a very visual one, so keep your CV nicely laid out on a single sheet of A4 in an elegant font. It should be very to the point, listing relevant skills and not gushing on about “a passion for fashion”.’

5) Stay alert on set 

‘Interns or assistants should be energetic and enthusiastic without becoming too distracting or annoying. Anticipating the photographer or stylist’s needs should be your focus at all times. During lunch breaks you can relax and chat to the crew and talent if appropriate, but in quiet moments offer to steam clothes, pack suitcases, book cabs or make a round of tea.’ 

6) Go the extra mile 

‘If your boss is stressed out, don’t wait to be asked – offer to grab them lunch, book them a cab, stay behind and work late. Behaving like a PA makes you stand out from the crowd.’

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