Fashion from the big screen at

Fashion from the big screen at

Lusting after an outfit you've seen in a film? Go online to and nab it for yourself!

It’s the climax of the rom-com; the gorgeous A-list heroine is about to kiss the hunky man; this is the moment you’ve spent the last hour and a half, and a large bucket of popcorn, building up to.

Yet all you can think of is ‘where did she get that coat?’

Sound familiar? Luckily there’s a handy little website that has the answer. has all the wardrobe and beauty know-how behind the action on screen… from Hillary Swank’s Phillip Lim houndstooth coat in P.S I Love You to the products behind Kristen Stewart’s shiny mane in Twilight.

You can shop by film or actor, gaining access to Sarah Jessica Parker’s designer heaven in fashion favourite Sex and The City or the variously demure ensembles of rom-com goddess Jennifer Aniston.

And if you can’t stump up the cash to get that Prada clutch, the site will suggest wallet-friendly alternatives from the high street to fulfil your film-induced inspiration.

Get watching and get shopping!

Lucy Pavia

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