Fashion fabulous presents

Fashion fabulous presents
atelier mayer

Junior fashion editor Charlie Moore spreads the word on the best fashion finds

I seem to have lots of birthdays coming up (all my friends are turning 30) and instead of the obligatory bottle of champagne (always a good bet in my social circle) I feel like as it’s a landmark birthday the present should be a bit more special too. 

First up is the detail friendship bracelet, the idea being that the friend wears it until it breaks and then they can send it back to detail who will re-string it as part of the service. Choose from gold (£60) or silver (£30) and select which colour thread you’d like it.

Next up a bit of vintage, I love "pre-loved" fashion but tend to find vintage websites a bit useless until I came across atelier-mayer. I would never recommend buying clothing as a present (I think it’s much too personal for friends -  a bit like like buying perfume – a big no no in my book) but vintage accessories always go down well especially when they're designer.

I found some gorgeous clip-on Yves Saint Laurent earrings at an affordable £102, which would work brilliantly with all the 8os influenced dresses and power shoulders going on this season. There’s even a Gucci bag which can be worn as a chic clutch – black so it’s classic and a bargainous £85 - mabe that will be a little present for myself (guilt free ladies - I'll be saving a fortune).

NB if you can't afford it in season vintage is the way to go.

Happy present shopping!

By Charlie Moore


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