EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: WATCH Alice in Wonderland costume special

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: WATCH Alice in Wonderland costume special

See our exclusive costume special video from Tim Burtons' Alice in Wonderland here

Not seen Tim Burton’s adaptation of Alice in Wonderland yet? We have - and the costumes are quite fabulous.

See the exclusive video of the making of the eccentric costumes

Designer Colleen Atwood has created heaps of detail in each outfit and her creativity shows no boundaries.

Playing with details from the Disney original such as Alice’s blue dress and adding new “wonderlandish” compositions - the Hatmakers' outfit with its many details - including a bow tie that changes shape according to his mood- she creates fashion grandeur.

'I got to do all these new things I hadn't done before,' explains Atwood.

The eccentric fashion supports the kooky characters and contributes to the extraordinary visual of the movie.

Having inspired many s/s designer collections and high street brands, the movie’s fashion has certainly set trends for the upcoming season. Seems like we are about to team up the pastel trend with neo-goth. Curious and curiouser.

By Christina Beischl

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