Exclusive: InStyle Meets Fearne Cotton

Exclusive: InStyle Meets Fearne Cotton

We met up with Fearne Cotton to talk style, baby Rex and designing for Very.co.uk…

As Fearne Cotton’s 11th collection for Very.co.uk launches today, we caught up with the radio presenter, mum-of-one and fashion designer to get the lowdown on all things style.

Where do you get inspiration from for your Very.co.uk designs?

It varies every time. It could be the simplest thing. With the sunflower print for this collection, it was something I’d seen in a magazine about the Wizard of Oz, which then sparked a thought to blow up sunflowers. Then I thought they’d look good in black and white so it was a trail of thought. Other times it could be seeing someone on the street who has something amazing about them, or a musician and it could be more of that muse focus, but this time it was really based around that one image of the sunflower. Sometimes it’s something really simple and sometimes it's lots of different reference points bought together to make one story.

Has being a new mum changed what you look for, from a fashion perspective?

No, I don’t think so. I still like the same things as I did before. It’s quite handy that I like PVC at the moment because it’s wipe clean! So that’s pretty awesome. But apart from that practical note it’s the same as it was before. I love having fun - I’ll definitely be the sort of mum that picks Rex up from school wearing a really inappropriate outrageous outfit. I can’t wait (to hear) Mummmm!

What's your beauty bag must-have?

I always carry Dr Murad moisturiser (in my bag) because I’m obsessed with it. It’s the only moisturiser I use on my face as it’s got such lovely vitamin C in it. If I run out it’s a real SOS moment.

Do you have any style heirlooms you'd love to pass on to Rex, or any other children you may have?

Not necessarily Rex because he might look odd in a dress but if I had other kids, or Jesse’s little girl Lola. I’ve got loads of beautiful things that I will keep forever... loads of dresses that are in storage because I know I won’t wear them again but they’re too beautiful to give away. Some that I’ve got from Relic that are really old, stuff that’s already vintage that will be even more vintage by the time I pass it on. I’ve got a really amazing Prada yellow silk dress that I just love, that should be in a display cabinet. I have a lot that I’ll keep vacuum packed forever until I pass them on.

Have you ever made any fashion mistakes?

So many. Anything I wore before I met my stylist was definitely a disaster.

Who is your favourite fashion designer right now?

I’ve just sent my stylist about 1000 Moschino dresses that I really love. And Honor - oh my God! They are amazing. They have this pink dress that’s got little hearts studded on a collar. They’re on Matches, that’s where I saw them first, and they are so beautiful. They’ve got another dress with a heart cut out in front. So sexy. That’s definitely my favourite.

What do you think of the British high street?

I think it’s great. The quality of clothing you can get and the amazingly versatile range of stuff you can get on the high street for the money is incredible. When I was a teenager, that really wasn’t around. You either had designer clothes or you had high street, but these days you can really mix it up and wear something expensive and something high street and have an amazing look. We’re really lucky to have such great ranges on the high street and I love a bargain. That’s why I love working with Very because it’s really great and really affordable clothing, but it’s still really fun and we’re so lucky to have that. Whenever my friends from America come over everyone instantly hits up the classic big known high street shops that they don’t have in the states - we really have the best array of high street shops. NL

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