EXCLUSIVE! Diane von Furstenberg talks fashion, fragrance and Kate Middleton

EXCLUSIVE! Diane von Furstenberg talks fashion, fragrance and Kate Middleton

Legendary designer Diane von Furstenberg tells all about her style inspirations, fashion icons and new fragrance

The iconic wrap dress, must-have bags and season upon season of lust-worthy pieces; these are just some of the fabulous things we have to thank legendary designer Diane von Furstenberg for, and with the launch of her first fragrance, Diane, one has to wonder if there’s anything the diva designer can’t do!


Driven by passion and a “mission” to empower women, Diane admits her inspiration is taken from the world around her: “I have a camera with me all the time and I keep visual diaries. I photograph everything, everyone; I have hundreds of thousands of photographs stored.”

And with everything from tree bark to architecture inspiring her, in an interview with Harrods Diane revealed of her AW11 collection: “It’s a little more polished, more grown up, a little sophisticated and plays with different lengths.”


Speaking about the success of the wrap dress, Diane explained: “That’s a mystery. It’s not like you say, ‘okay, I’m going to create a classic’. There’s never been a dress that lasted almost 40 years.

And now Diane’s tried her deft hand at perfume. Her first foray into fragrance, Diane admits of the self-named perfume: “Scent is so powerful: it’s all about memory and addiction and so I wanted to create something that was as powerful as that. I put all my knowledge, experience, passion, love and secrets in this bottle.”

It seems that it is love and passion that is very much at the heart of the Diane von Furstenberg empire, and it is that the designer picks up when asked about Kate Middleton: “I like everything about her. And about them [the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge]. They’re very nice. And they count on each other.”

Read the full interview in Harrods' online magazine, The Review

By Sarah Smith

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