Is Your Engagement Ring Too Bling? How To Keep That Sparkler Safe

Is Your Engagement Ring Too Bling? How To Keep That Sparkler Safe

Amal Clooney is rumoured to be ditching her £450k engagement ring at work, but is it safe to stash it at home? We show you how to keep your diamond safe

Engagement rings usually make their debut on Instagram, but what happens after all your friends have admired your rock? A supersized sparkler is definitely a nice thing to see on your finger every day (if you’re into that... which we are), but is a huge diamond going to work in your day-to-day life?

After getting engaged to George Clooney with a £450,000 emerald-cut diamond (you can see more celebrity engagement rings in our gallery), Amal is apparently ditching the ring for her day job as a human rights lawyer, as she thinks the seven-carat sparkler might distract from the seriousness of her work. If you need a reminder of what exactly Amal does day to day, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler explain Amal's job pretty well…

So what’s a girl to do when your engagement ring is just too bling? T H March’s Shirley Smale (the Chartered Insurance Brokers have been insuring jewellery since 1887, with some A-list clients on the books) thinks it would be a shame to keep the ring at home. Instead, she says getting the right insurance is key, but make sure you get a quote for the actual evaluation, as the cost does vary.

“When you insure a ring, you’re usually insuring for the cost to replace it, and this can change over time. It’s important to have your jewellery revalued regularly, and let your jeweller know how you would want it replaced”.

Shirley says no ring is covered absolutely everywhere, with some companies only insuring your diamond when it’s actually on your finger, or in a safe. Her top tip is to explain exactly what you want from the insurance, so the insurer can tailor it to your needs. You’ll also need to spill on where you live; “Where you live and the property you live in can affect the cost, as well as the quality of your home security and any previous losses of jewellery”.

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So how should you store your ring at home if you do take it off? Shirley recommends wrapping it in a “soft, breathable cloth as diamonds can scratch other jewellery. A safe is always best”.

Jeweller Alexis Dove agrees, adding “it’s obvious, but don’t keep your precious jewellery on windowsills or dressers where it’s easy to spot, or could be knocked onto the ground”. Not bad advice, considering £1.6billion worth of jewellery is dropped down Britain’s drains every year according to the Lanes Group. 15% of that cost comes from lost engagement or wedding rings. 

When it comes to cleaning your ring, Alexis suggests using warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush to clean the back of the stones. While her clients tend to drop between £1,800 and £3,000 for an engagement ring, Alexis says a higher price can make customers feel that they are getting a better quality product: “there is a great middle ground of mid-price rings, but there’s a lot more choice at a higher price. But it’s about choosing the ring that’s right for you and your lifestyle, not the cost”.


According to Alexis, customers do think about the safety of their fiancé when they buy an expensive ring, but thinks if you’re too worred to even wear the ring, it’s not the right one for you: “wearing a diamond is different for those in the public eye, and I can see why Amal wants the attention to be on her work, but I don’t think it’s necessarily the same for non-celebrities”.

When it comes to insurance, Alexis recommends you keep a detailed receipt with an image of the ring on, as well as taking a nice picture of yourself wearing the ring (we all know this is on Instagram already…). “Make a note of the stone size, carat weights, and the metals the ring is made in”.

Is your sparkler safe? Let us know your tip tips in the comments below.  

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