26 Things You Definitely Did If You Were An Emo In 2005

26 Things You Definitely Did If You Were An Emo In 2005

My Chemical Romance have got us feeling all nostalgic

Emo kids of the world are in a state of emergency after My Chemical Romance teased a 30-second comeback video on their Twitter page, with the date 23/9/16. What does it mean?! Are they back?! Is Gerard Way OK?!

One thing’s for sure – you might have ditched the written-on Converse, but the remnants of that teenage emo phase are still there in all of us. Here are 26 things you definitely used to do back in the mid-2000s…

1. Wrote Taking Back Sunday lyrics on your checkerboard Vans in permanent marker

2. Asked people to call you just so you could listen to your The Used’s I Caught Fire ringtone

3. Your MySpace About Me listed specific times in songs that you loved (2.08 in Panic! At The Disco’s I Write Sins Not Tragedies - EMOTIONAL)

4. Your e-mail address was basically HTML, with at least five underscores and 13 xs and os

5. Speaking of coding, you got pretty good at ‘customising’ your MySpace page

6. You spent hours choosing your profile song because it said so much about you

7. And had to remember to turn off your MSN ‘Now Playing’ whenever you listened to anything even slightly ‘mainstream’

8. Black eyeliner was life

9. And a studded belt was your #1 wardrobe staple, worn over your belt loops

10. All your self pictures (yes, they were called that then) were taken from a stupidly high angle

11. You learned how to see out of one eye (your pink-tipped fringe covered the other one)

12. You waited in line at an All American Rejects signing

13. Mirror pictures. Say no more

14. You still can’t quite come to terms with Sonny Moore being Skrillex

15. Scribbling over parts of your face that you didn’t like was an important part of photo editing

16. You had a MySpace name and secretly loved when people called you it IRL

17. Playing it cool when you saw MySpace famous emos out in the actual world was hard


18. Arm parties circa 2007 were all about ‘shag bands’, checkerboard sweatbands and studded bracelets

19. Topped off with striped fingerless gloves

20. Pete Wentz was your ultimate crush

21. You walked around town with a ‘Free Hugs’ sign – more than once

22. Cat whiskers were a casual make-up look back in the day

23. You got angry when people didn’t know the difference between scene, goth and emo

24. Your mum nearly fainted when she saw your fake nose piercing

25. You knew the full titles to every Fall Out Boy song

26. You are unashamedly incredibly excited about My Chemical Romance making their comeback

Why do girls love boys in bands? We have a few ideas…

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