Emily Blunt Slams Cannes Flat Shoe Ban, Twitter Responds With #showmeyourflats

Emily Blunt Slams Cannes Flat Shoe Ban, Twitter Responds With #showmeyourflats

Emily Blunt calls the Cannes flat shoe ban 'disappointing', while social media sparks a flurry of flat shoe selfies tagged #showmeyourflats

Ever since the Cannes Film Festival sensationally rejected women from the red carpet for wearing flat shoes (the audacity!), social media has been up in arms. As well-dressed guests were turned away from the premieres of both Cate Blanchett’s new movie Carol, and the highly-anticipated Amy Winehouse documentary for being sans stilettos, Screen Daily reported that Cannes confirmed heels were obligatory footwear at red carpet screenings, despite no mention of heel heights on the official dress code. Of course, only women are required to wear the uncomfortable and downright dangerous footwear. Did someone say #everydaysexism?

While the director of the festival has since denied the ‘rumours’, celebrities continue to weigh in on the debate. Emily Blunt has called the decision ‘disappointing’, stating ‘everyone should wear flats, to be honest. Just when you think there are these new waves of equality…' We love you for saying that Emily, but the newly blonde actress still chose to sport stilettos later that day. While we’d have loved to see her in a pair of bejeweled flats defying Cannes’ dated guidelines, a woman does indeed have the right to choose whether or not to pop on some peep-toes.



The outrage continues across social media, where women have taken to posting pictures of their flat shoes with the hashtag #showmeyourflats to protest against Cannes’ old-fashioned dress code. Beer writer Melissa Cole, who also tackles sexism in the alcohol industry, sparked the trend by retweeting all the flat shoe photos that are spreading like wildfire on her timeline. Speaking to Take Part, Cole said she felt a responsibility to ‘stand up to this nonsense. It really annoyed me that this was how women were being judged as worthy to attend what is, after all, a professional event’.

We salute all the Tweeters below who proudly showed the world their flats, and you Cannes too - (sorry not sorry for the pun). Share your flat shoe selfie with the hashtag #showmeyourflats now and protest the platform!  


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