Double Up: Would You Wear Two Bags At Once?

Double Up: Would You Wear Two Bags At Once?
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The latest take on chic involves a little extra baggage. Would you dare to wear?

There was one surprising trend that stood out most during the recent Resort 2016 collections. Photographed at the likes of Chloé, Mulberry and Fendi, apparently doubling up on your arm candy is now the only way to accessories as little and large twin totes are ruling the roost.

The how-to rules are pretty simple. Find a micro bag – ideally something eye-catching, bold, bright and a little bit bonko. Then simply loop it over the front of your everyday tote. It’s that easy.

Although it might look slightly mad, as it turns out this new trend to try is actually quite practical. One of the obviously plus points being you never have to have the early morning debate of which bag to wear, because now, technically, you can bring both! Likewise, you also don’t need to spend a second thought worrying whether you should take that extra eyeliner or if you can squeeze yet another lippie into your purse. Just take them all! Why not, you’ve got the room, right? Well… not exactly.

There’s one teeny, tiny point that’s probably worth taking note of first. These bags are so miniature they’re actually only big enough to fit in your smart phone, bankcard and house keys at a push. You didn’t really think fashion had suddenly turned all sensible, did you? Still though, it’s a great way to locate your travelcard in a hurry.

Should you fancy doubling up your arm candy then be sure to check out our gallery below of the best miniature bags available now. Purses at the ready…

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