DKNY teams up with FEED to help fight global hunger

DKNY teams up with FEED to help fight global hunger

DKNY and FEED have joined forces to help tackle global hunger with a capsule collection of urban accessories…

DKNY has teamed up with FEED to help tackle global hunger by launching a range of urban accessories, and InStyle was invited to the launch!

Speaking on behalf of FEED, co-founder Lauren Bush Lauren (fashion model and designer who last year married Ralph Lauren’s son) chatted to us at the launch: “DKNY is so urban and so working woman and I thought it would be really interesting and fun to transform the FEED mission into a DKNY product. I have learnt and seen the poverty first hand in third world countries and yet there are solutions to hunger. A lot of people feel huge world issues are just too overwhelming and they just shut down before they do anything. I like to think that we have created something which allows people to give back in a fun and hopeful way.”

Aimed at the city-dwelling DKNY woman the range features a City Survival Tote (the ultimate canvas tote bag with matching umbrella), a diaper bag complete with pull out changing mat (no teddy bears or baby motifs in sight) and ultra chic rain boots which fold up (festival / commuter footwear sorted).

Each item features a number that represents the exact impact that the purchase will have:

FEED Diaper Bag = 2

Micronutrients for 1 mother and 1 child

FEED Survival Tote = 100

Emergency Food for 100 children

FEED City Survival Rain Boots = 25

Emergency Food for 25 children 

Available online now at, and

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